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Ben 10 - Ben and Gwen Take Down Frightwig at the Water Park - Cartoon Network

Hey, what's going on my awesome readers!? And as you probably seen in the description, this is a request from a friend of mine in school. Honestly, I probably would've done this at some point anyway. I don't have a probably with incest and other people shouldn't have a problem with it either! Plus, my biggest ship is BenXGwen anyway.

Only to see a blushing Ben looking down at his arousal placed firmly between her butt-cheeks. The heat rose in Gwen's cheeks. Ben, having realized he stopped, bowed his head and quickly apologized. She didn't take her eyes off his bulge and took notice of the occasional twitch she felt against her butt.

Gwen was so fixed on Ben's boner that she barely even registered her servant's question. Oh, no I feel fine now. But you seem to have a little problem there. It took a moment to crawl out from under Ben's weight before Gwen saw the brown haired teen lay down like she ordered.

Just as Ben was about to speak, Gwen placed herself in a position where she was straddling Ben's face, cutting him off.

Cousin Love. Chapter Four. Disclaimer: Don't own Ben 10, never will. The next day the two returned home with their elders non-the-wiser about their new relationship. As it was the weekend, Ben and Gwen managed to find more excuses to be together. They went to the park and enjoyed each other's company. They were careful not to be too passionate. Porn Comics. Big collection of Cartoon Adult Comics - more than adult comics. Enjoy the best hentai comics site!/5(40). 'ben 10 gwen anal' Search, free sex videos.

She shivered when she felt Ben's jaws move trying to form a response. He soon felt air around his member and heard an "Oh my, it's bigger than it looked," from his cousin. For a moment, nothing happened. Ben, still in shock of what was happening, was still expecting the slightest touch against his most sensitive part. Her toes were doing their own kind of magic, squeezing and pulling on the skin of Ben's shaft. The show she put on for herself had left her heart a beating mess and her face resembling an apple itself.

With a gasp, Gwen began pleasuring herself and Ben at the same time. The stimulations she felt ended up with her butt clenching against Ben's face, making it harder for him to breathe. But it only excited him more. The smell of her sweat intoxicated him, made his mind cloudy with nothing more than the urge to release. Biting her lip, the redhead felt the pressure building up against her fingers.

Soon, she pinched her nipple and muffled a scream as she drenched her own fingers. Her state of ecstasy caused her to pause her work on Ben's member. After her pleasured high was through, her eyes locked back onto her form of excitement. Ben's dick was now a twitching mess, pre-cum dribbling down little by little and the blood rushing to the tip to make his head look like a cherry.

You look like you're in pain. But my legs are getting sore" Gwen paused in thought, one of her fingers placed in her mouth. Then, with a devious smirk, she got up off of Ben's face.

Ben's eyes widened when he saw Gwen pulled down her shorts, revealing her dripping womanhood in all its glory. I need this, Ben! Ben flinched when he felt Gwen's hand take a firm grip around his manhood.

And soon, he felt the tip slide into something warm. But with Gwen's crotch covering his mouth, he couldn't do much while hers did wonders on his dick.

The way he felt her tongue twirl around his head left him dizzy and the way she caressed his balls made his stomach clench. The wet slurping sounds she made as her lips were dragged against his skin were too erotic to withstand. His head was spinning from the pleasure his cousin was giving him. There was a wet pop as Gwen took her mouth off his shaft, giving a few small pumps and blowing a gentle breeze over his tip, sending shivers up his spine. I wanna taste it!

She took his dick back into her mouth. With his climax drawing near, Ben felt his own hips buck against Gwen's face. As if answering his silent pleas, Gwen made a gagging sound as she forced Ben's cock into her throat. The size of his dick seemed to grow twice its size as it pulsed with each second.

Then she felt it. An entire load of built up cum was pumped into her throat like a flood. He realized it. A grin began to grow. Payback time bitch!

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Gwen's eyes were closed as she tried not to pull off for air. She didn't get to tasted like she wanted, but the heat she felt as it went down made her feel a little full. Eventually Ben had stopped ejaculating in her throat and she allowed herself to breathe, but not before Ben shot a few more bursts into her mouth. Her face scrunched up at the bitter taste. Soon, she swallowed the last of it and let out a few coughs.

Without a warning, Gwen felt herself get thrown off Ben and found her face landing in her pillow. Then she felt a couple of hands grab her waist and lift her ass into the air. Feeling nervous under his stare, her eyes shrunk. As soon as she felt his tip press against her folds, she soon felt the entire length shoved into her.

She bit her lip and felt tears build up in her eyes as the stinging pain in her nether regions tore through her body. She felt a hand rub her cheek.

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Her heart began to beat faster and faster. She swallowed a lump in her throat and closed her eyes. Her mind began to think back to the heat she felt during Ben's 'activities' with her womanhood. Then, "I want it. Her cousin snickered. But there's still one more thing," Before Gwen could question him any further, Ben's hips smacked against her ass and Gwen felt his entire manhood slam back into her.

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Her tongue hung out her mouth in a silent gasp. Ben's hand took hold of her hair and yanked, causing her to wince. Ben leaned down until he was close enough for her to hear. He didn't even give her enough time to respond before his hips were pulled back and thrusted forward once more. He pressed Gwen's face down into her pillow and continued to drill his way into his own cousin's snatch.

He was in bliss.

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The warmth that surrounded his cock was the same as her mouth, but the tightness the tightness of a newly broken-in virgin is what got him addicted. With each thrust, he felt her walls cling to him like a life-line. He felt his balls slap against her clit, the pain transferring into pleasure for him. Even with her face buried into her bed, Ben could see through her hair and take note of her face. He was fucking her silly, that's for sure.

Her eyes were half-lidded and drool was dribbling down her chin, staining the sheets under her. Feeling his time draw close, Ben gave a few more quick paced thrusts before he slammed into his cousin one more time, his waist pressed hard against her ass.

He gritted his teeth together. Ben could feel his balls clench up as his seed was shot into Gwen's vag. And the sudden grip of her walls sent him over the edge. Gwen's toes curled up in ecstasy. She could feel the heat he shot into her. It was making her stomach tingle. When he felt himself finish, Ben slowly pulled himself out and watched in amusement as Gwen's ass cheeks twitched. There was a trail of cum slipping out of her folds and falling onto her bed sheets.

She didn't hear anything from her cousin. Then two hands forcefully gripped her waist and turn her over onto her back. She stared wide-eyed at Ben, who merely grinned down at her and position himself back at her snatch.

You thought I was done? In fact,". The brown haired cousin, even while pounding Gwen enough to make the bed shake, was barely out of breath. Compared to him, Gwen was the worse one off. Her chest rapidly expanded and shrunk as she tried to catch her breath. Moments after their new round had started, Ben had taken the liberty of clamping his right hand over her throat and squeezed hard enough to make her choke.

Her eyes were glazed over and cheeks were flushed red, hair sticking to her skin due to the ever increasing amounts of sweat. Each time she felt him slide out, she missed the feeling of being filled with his meat. But whenever he rammed his dick all the way back in, her walls would twitch uncontrollably and her thighs would try to clamp down on Ben in an effort to keep him inside forever.

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Ben huffed as he soon grew bored with simply holding up her legs. Gwen's eyes stared at Ben a few seconds after he pulled out and simply let his cock rest over her clit, unmoving. Her mouth, as much as she tried, could not form the words she wanted to say. Her throat was dried up and her breathing was heavy.

A sharp pain soon appeared in her left cheek after Ben had slapped her. This time she was paying attention. Ben positioned Gwen's legs so that her feet were dangling over his shoulders. Then as soon as he got enough grip on her body, he began to move off the bed and stand up.

Yelping in surprise at being lifted into the air, Gwen quickly wrapped her arms around Ben's neck. She winced at the throbbing pain in the back of her skull, but gd in ecstasy when Ben bit down on her neck.

Sliding her up the wall just a bit higher, Ben's fingers pressed against her skin as his hands cupped both of her ass cheeks. Ben could see her toes curl up in the corners of his eyes. She was expecting it. Starting at the red hickey, Ben slowly dragged his tongue along the skin of her neck. He wanted to taste her. Due to his dick being stuck between their stomachs, Ben could literally feel the desperation from his cousin.

She was mumbling under her breath as she looked down, trying to see through the valley of her breasts to find the one tool used to make her happy. Ben could clearly hear the endless mentions of using his dick to fuck her until she was brain-dead. Not only that, but she was trying to pull herself up and grind his manhood back into her snatch. Judging by the face Gwen was making, she looked like she was near throwing a fit if she didn't get what she wanted.

Fuck me! But Ben wouldn't take the risk of the neighbors catching the sight of him banging his own cousin. So he did the first thing that popped into his head. Hard-" Gwen's screaming was soon muffled once Ben's lips mashed against hers.

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Before she could react, Ben had already forgone asking for permission and quickly forced his tongue through her lips. Ben pulled away from the kiss, his cheeks almost nearly as flushed as Gwen's. One and two and one and two and one and two If there was one thing Ben could say he loved most about their steamy situation, it was Gwen's ass. His cousin was right in the regard that it turned him on the most.

He could now admit that he found himself staring at her ass on more than one occasion, today not included. Right now was no different. Right now he could only relish the softness he felt in his hands. The way her butt molded to his fingers just picturing the way her ass jiggled each time their skins came into contact caused Ben to move his hips wildly.

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Even now he could feel it. The tingling, pleasurable pain of his balls slapping madly against her asshole was enough to make Ben feel like the luckiest man alive. But he wanted more. If this was their only chance for sex, he needed more.

Ben and gwen anal

And he planned to wring out everything Gwen's body had to offer. Ben's right hand moved lower. He felt Gwen squeal in his mouth. He had just stuck a single finger up her butt. Even with the tip of his finger, the tightness he felt wrap around that single digit left Ben in a hungry state. As Ben's cock released another jet of sperm inside Gwen's snatch, the tightness of her ass seemed to double as her own orgasm rocked through her body. Ben felt his stomach go wet as Gwen's juices splattered between them.

But most of it had already traveled down his legs.

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Ben's lips pulled away from Gwen's. His eyes followed the thin saliva strip that connecting his mouth to Gwen's until he noticed her face. She was drooling, her tongue hanging loosely over her lip and her face was completely crimson red. Her green eyes had rolled into the back of her head as she lived through what he could guess to be a mind-shattering experience.

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Ben lowered Gwen's legs first so she could stand, but he had to hold her up when he noticed how wobbly her legs looked. Maybe that orgasm hit her a bit too hard Nonetheless, Ben waited until Gwen was capable of standing on her own before he turned her around and bent her over. He didn't even wait for her to respond to him. He didn't need her answer.

In fact, he didn't need anything else for that matter. Another gasp escaped Gwen's mouth and Ben's teeth gritted as he slowly pushed himself further inside.

He had spread her cheeks apart so he could get a better angle. He was sure that he would've already came inside if he hadn't jizzed a couple of seconds ago. As soon as he felt the base of his dick hit Gwen's butt, Ben felt a pleased shudder run down his back. Slowly, he forced his way back in and slowly repeated the process.

It wasn't like he was purposely moving slow. The asshole of a virgin was definitely tighter than any virgin pussy. But that didn't stop him from going a little faster. He enjoyed the feeling of her rectum wrapped all snug around his cock. Ben bit down on his lip as he felt another climax approaching. Damn that was quick. But he couldn't blame himself or Gwen for that matter. It just felt too amazing. Reaching forward, Ben's hands took hold of her stomach and neck.

He straightened her back and pressed their bodies against the wall. Gwen's nipples twitched against the cold wall and her breathing hitched as Ben squeezed on her throat. Gwen's butt clenched at the base of his cock as she felt the familiar hot white jizz fill her insides. This time, it was far more potent than when Ben came in her pussy. Gwen lost total feeling in her legs. This time, Ben let her fall to the floor without any help. As she slid down the wall, Ben silently stared down at her.

His dick, still twitching like a madman, continued to shoot out bits of cum all over her back. He stared at his work.

His cock, nearly half hard, had sprung back to life as he bent down. Ben took a handful of Gwen's hair and pulled her up to make eye contact. It was at that moment Ben noticed that lone, singular tear streak down her face.

She saw the familiar predatory grin he had before. We have a few hours until Grandpa gets here. Ben makes it sound like he's been going easy on Gwen's ass!

Well, guess I'll leave the 'sequel' up to my perverted and imaginative readers! Hope you guys enjoyed it! I know I had a blast typing this out, but I'm still worried about how you guys saw it. So if you guys feel like I'm missing somethings, don't be afraid to tell me.

I neeeed to get better if people expect more sex stuff like this! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Ben It's the start of their summer vacation, but the two aren't having the best time waiting for it to truly begin. So what better way to spend a hot summer day arguing? It's was tolerable until magic got involved. No Flames please! All done? Good, now let's get to the fucking story! Disclaimer: I don't own Ben 10! Please don't be afraid to point out any grammar mistakes!

So far, it's been an hour of pure hot boredom since they were let out from school. And if there was one thing Ben and Gwen could agree on, it would be their hatred for the heat.

Ben thought about the air conditioner that was set up in his room. It was broken. At least in Gwen's home, the cool air was average at best. But it did little to change their current situation.

For the moment, Ben and Gwen had changed clothes the second they got home from school. She scowled and crossed her arms. However, Ben soon found his eyes stuck on his cousin as she walked. Or more specifically, her legs. Her long slender legs Ben gulped, the television become a distant memory the longer he stared.

As the two walked in the kitchen, Ben was the first to walk to the cabinets in search of a cup. I'm too lazy. He needed some television to get that image out of his head before it became a problem.

This was too much. Then she heard the obnoxious laugh from her cousin through her door. Whichever activity he did still left a bad taste in her mouth. It wasn't that hard of a task.

All she'd have to do is give him money. Then he'd take it from there and head to the nearest store. Ideas began to flood her own brain as she thought up solutions to shift the day in her favor. She heard more laughing. He deserves it.

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Gwen made sure to avoid making any noise as she slowly tip-toed her way down the hallway. Gwen's hands started to glow in a pink aura and she pointed to an unsuspecting Ben.

Gwen waited patiently until Ben stiffened up. Gwen blinked in surprise. Ben's eyes weren't green anymore. They were pink. He gave her a smile and tilted his head to the side. He honestly didn't know what happened.

And in the one or two they did they usually didn't sit together. They knew being so close and so far from each other would be almost torturous. They talked over that Sunday night and agreed to try to tough it out. They shared a bus on Monday morning. They sat together; which they knew was unusual, though no one seemed to notice. They held hands the whole way and were hesitant to let go when the bus dropped them off.

They walked closely as they went into the school, then paused before going their separate ways to their lockers. Ben found himself daydreaming about Gwen all through his classes.

Not that he hadn't before, but these were far more vivid. Gwen was also frequently distracted. Even though she could focus pretty good, her mind still went back to the wonderful weekend she had had. By the time the two had a class together, they were already incredibly hot for one another. They continued to try and ignore the urges inside themselves, but it was hard to push them down. As he walked out the door he winked a Gwen.

Gwen caught his meaning and raised her hand as well. A few whispers of "teacher's pet" followed her as Gwen left the room.

She shrugged them off and ran to join Ben. Gwen shook her head. Then there are those who say I 'must be pretty good to blow job my way to strait A's. Gwen smiled lustfully. I can fight my own wars. They broke up and stepped from the stall. Gwen readjusted her shirt and Ben wiped her lip gloss from his face.

Gwen confronts Ben - Cirque-Us - Ben 10 - Cartoon Network

Lunch period. While everyone else was outside enjoying the period playing ball or talking, Gwen had levitated herself and Ben onto the roof and cast a stealth spell over them to keep them hidden. It hadn't taken the boy long to pull off her blue shirt and take hold of her braless breasts. He suckled them as he pinned her the floor.

Ben quickly unbuttoned her pants and yanked them down, following soon after with her panties. Ben unbuckled his belt and removed his pants as well. Ben's hard on immediately caught Gwen's attention and she spread her legs for him.

Ben crawled up to her and pushed himself into her. Ben pistoned into his cousin, enjoying her moans of passion. He plowed into her with all his strength. In a few minutes, Ben released his seed into his cousin once again.

After catching his breath, he looked down at his panting cousin with a regretful expression. Don't feel bad, It still felt wonderful. Ben looked down at her watch. Gwen did as told. She began to get on fours, but Ben had her lay on the roof on her stomach. He rubbed himself in the soft crease of her butt cheeks.

Gwen's eyes widened a bit. She knew what Ben was suggesting. She hadn't put much thought into that particular form of sex, but that didn't mean she was unwilling.

Ben smiled as he pulled apart her rear to reveal her anus. Straddling her, he slowly pushed inside.

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