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Consider, ass crack tattoos Seldom.. possible tell

I GOT MY BUTT TATTOOED - Do butt tattoos hurt? - tattoo by JD Pruitt - Holly Huntty

The butt is one of the least commonly tattooed parts of the body. Butt tattoos are difficult due to the healing process. You do have to sit a bit differently and wear different clothing while the tattoo heals. Tattoos on butt areas are typically comically themed. It is a good way for you to display your true sense of humor without reservation. The good thing about tattoos on butt cheek areas is that there is more fat, which does help in the pain department.

Just enough cleavage and absolutely NO buttcrack Maybe the smalls of her back. Piercings anything over two and you start to look like a goth. I have nothing against waist beads and anklets and toe rings have no place in this blog. They're nice. Anybody that knows Suliat babcock dropout can send her this link. She's revolting and thrashy and in her ignornace believes she's Sexy. This concludes my first comment in a non-political blog. Also Tattoos at the small of the back- The tramp stamp too obviousLets just say im not really a huge fan of tattoos.

Anything more than that is skanky. Piercings- I have only 1. At some point, i had 3. If she has her nipples pierced or down there. I'm a little shocked that waist beads made it to the list of 'spot a hoe'. Older women wore em to entice their men.

It was a happy day when a man felt his woman's beads under her wrapper. I think beads are awesome. I would expect beads to be strange to somebut not 'hoe-ish'. I don't have a tattoo. I have only one piercing. I dont think it really matters though. I have 2 piercings, thinking of getting a tattoo on my bum. I don't think I'm a ho' or even close to one. Do you? Lol, woooow! Dude u sure picked a very interesting topic oo! I'm rily happy der r still some decent guys commenting lyk this, makes me rily happy!

I'm impressedand as for my views? I totally agree with u, seeing it from ur point! Kudos man! I think anklets are pretty. It has to be on a slim, graceful ankle not a chunky one. And the anklet itself should be slim and dainty so you don't end up looking like a cultural dancer.

People say that you are the perfect idiot. I say that you are not perfect but you are doing all right.

30+ Hilarious and Kick Ass Butt Tattoos Designs

Butt cracks are always gross, smooth bottom or not. Cleavage Meh, us B cups have no say in this matter.

commit error

Don't have an opinion on tattoos as long as it hasn't been deformed by stretched skin. Piercings are fun! Even though I have only 2. And on the issue, do you mean 2 that can be seen or 2 in general? Errr Why are anklets on this list? And someone should answer o! Cause I'm curious as to why they'd be seen as "risque". I think they're cute! Piercings I do not agree with are Tongue Piercings. I have a tattoo so I don't really have much to say on that, except if you tattoo your own name on your skin you are mentally deranged.

As for cleavage, if a girl wants to show it off we should just go ahead and let her show it off and judge her quietly in our heads. I agree with most of the points in the blog. Levt Ankelets: I think they are sexy. I used to wear one but my momsie said its a mark of a prostitute.

Didn't make me take it off but my uncle psyched me that after I marry I can wear my thing. So imma do just that. Waist bead: I think they are sexy.

thank for

But no be me go marry you. Toe rings: I feel its just a fashion statement. Just like cocktail rings on ur fingers used for fashion. I didn't comment on piercings but the same rule applies do everything I'm moderation. I know people use piercings to express themselves but people are the same all over, they will judge you. So as much as u want to express ur art or make a statement, remember people are judging u including potential school, employers and husbands.

Okay I ve said too much. Butt cracks that's a No No! I don't mind a nice tattoo on her hips,I think its sexy if its a nice design. Piercing looks good on some and just horrible on d rest,I'v seen girls dat look good with nose rings,but a tongue ring makes a guy think BJ : ,makes me wonder what she can do with her tongue Beads,1 is fine,2 is too much and it should be clean too. People peoplelet's not lose syt of d idea behind it o! I'm very sure he was clear wen he said dt its nt all his opinionhe took a surveyyes?

Bt den again, babes, having more dan 1 piercing, tats n all dat ish doesn't hv to make u wat his observations statebt u'd have to prove urslf otherwise!! From basic observation, u'l get wateva comes ur way. Wat d guys see, dts hw dey actuntil u prove otherwise! Some wldnt mind it as their stats for a wifey, bt u cn b sure dt d average guy takes 'thetoolsman's' viewcheers! I have 3 piercings on one ear and 2 on the other for purely personal reasons, i have a special attachment to the earrings in the holes, never take em off.

Much respect to all dem tatt free commentators on dis Zones Goodluck wiping out all the slut stains in ur fannies Hypocrites oshi. Piercings: Have got oneitching baldly for a 2nd and that is it. Tatoos: errrm nice but am sure when am older i wont think of myself as responsible when i got them then. But then again all these only make up the outward and are not enough to completely judge a gal on wether she is good or bad.

Butt Tattoos

You would be suprised at the things gals without even a single piercing on her ears for that matter does. Why all these babes dey justify their wifey status even when the write up and a few comments state otherwise. Nice Post. I fink Piercings re sexy.

I'm no HOE. I'm indifferent. But hey. I like some tatts, but would never get a permanent one, as for cleavage, alittle is ok, and piercings apart from the ears toe rings and anklets, I'm indifferent, but my mother thinks its a symbol of slaveryWhat about legs, is there something wrong with showing too much legs?

Definitely the anklet is sex 2. Tatoo in a sex not for everyone to see place 4. Thanks for the comment. Butt Crack? Dts just 'eeeewish' :p Cleavage? Tula, gaan remove anklets frm dis ur post sharply! They're veryyy sexybuh on slim ankles plix. Toolsman,abeg don't start a war on cleavages like Lumi started on lace-wigs and ended that era though.

Hahaha, this is really funny as articles like this usually are. We are talking about human being here right? Not computer codes or machine parts, right? Africans, I shake my head at our plight. Even if your culture doesn't practice it, the next probably does.

Well, I almost got confused. Some big breasted girls believe this to be so. My keyboard tells me to shut up, on what pedestal do I stand to make my voice heard? Am I not talking from my own point of view? A point of view heavily influenced by my own experiences and laissez-faire attitude towards life,yes? Today's blog has been inundated with several hilarious comments. I was actually trying to deceive myself thinking I could read half of 'em. Nice one. But what are my views tho?

Yeah, for piercings: 3 or more used to be for promiscuous babes till I was proven wrong.

Mar 04,   The original demo that I recorded for SAWBONZ. This song was a blast to play live. Jul 17,   Such tattoos are also called under the thigh tattoos and are extremely stunning in appearance, if done in the right way, and by a professional tattoo artist. Butt tattoos have a certain uniqueness that sets them apart from the rest, though, a few of you would find these designs to be over the top or somewhere bordering 'vulgarity'. Hopefully, these more than 30 beautiful, hilarious and kick ass butt tattoos would entertain you, we have some really creative booty tattoos designs in our list that would teach you that at the bottom of it all, tattoos are tattoos no matter where you get them. Kick ass butt tattoos .

Having 1 is cool too. Cleavages are welcome but yeah, breastman has a point, it's now everywhere like nokia charger pin-mouth. It shouldnt be so. Good things should be scarce. Butt cracks: Err, why am I indifferent about it? It doesnt trigger my radar alert anyway. I think the ratio of guys that still wear durags for fashion to ladies that wear anklets is 1. It's just uncommon so I support the girls on this one, it shouldn't be on the list. I want to DM some pple here to ask for their real names tho.

Is it pawzible? So being who I am, sexually adventurous and stuff if I only had one piercing I'd pass as a "good" girl because that's what survey says?

I have 3 tattoos.

remarkable, very

Plan on getting up to 5. I have 2 piercings, that most likely will increase. If somehow I walk into a room and you judge me based on my piercings, then baby I don't want to be with you either. Your shallow mindedness is just as unsexy to me as the things you listed up there are to you.

And waist beads amongst Nigerians were most times a cultural thing. My friend has had one since she was 5. It also helps regulate you weight. If your beads get tight, its time to lose weight, that is what they were used for traditionally.

But idk about now but once again if any of those things prevent you from meeting a woman, the on who has the problem is you. I'm by many Nigerian definitions a slut and I'm ok with that but its clearly based on my sexuality not on my piercings and stuff. I was a slut way before I got tatted and pierced. Lwkm munchie! Howeva madam vanity. U just butressed thetoolsman's point tho.

He says if u have many tattoos and piercings u r a slut. U say u have many tattoos and piercings with more on d way and u call urself a slut too. I'm female. Dear person pikin saying no offense after something that is clearly offensive is redundant and stupid. Making excuses for your thoughts is cowardly. Accept that it's offensive and move on or don't say offensive things. Wow you guys should calm the fuck down!

Nigerians are always so serious! So uhm yea I have 17 piercings ears,1 tongue,belly and one hidden one knock yourselves out as you try to figure it out I have 1 tattoo 18 cute stars splattered somewhere I love tattoos.

I'm a very hot potatew askaboutme cockyLewLew I walk into a room and people have a million and one oooohs and ahhhs but I don't care. You can't base anything on anyone's outward appearance. And I know for a fact that my husband would not judge me based on my piercings or tats.

And yes 50 years from now,if I don't like them,I'll take them out finito No long speech about it So all of you saying yadi yada yada about numerous piercings and bla bla Take a chill pill. ZeLew thanks for the comment. I know that text-voice behind that person pikin, I swear I do. Person pikin is probably trying to apologise in private and this is another reason why we need DMs here.

Disclaimer: I'm not person pikin o even though I believe I'm soomeone's child sha. Explain the balls na!

opinion you

I for talk more but I no wan turn am to ija igboro. If ur gonna get a piercing in an 'unconventional' place at least make it a useful one! Zara u rily expect us to let the 'I like pain' comment to slide.

Honestly its all about getting laid, if she has ten rings o! If she has 50 tattos, if she has leopard teeth as waist beads okay scratch that.

All that matters is the shagging. Tatoos on titties are sooooo NOT sexy how dare you taint those beautiful mounds of seduction!!! One trusim in life people.

Sadly nigerians are fucking small minded. I have 3 tatoos and piercings. I am in no way offended doll. If you follow me on twitter, you'd get the basis of my scratching balls but I didn't understand the rest of your comment so that is that. I had 5 piercings but in d name of "looking responsible" I'm down to 3.

I loove tattoos but dnt ve d guts 2 do smfin permanent. As 4 d cleavage, if u gt it, flaunt it or not, it shows. Anklets n toe rings r y tho, esp wit d right outfit. The comments have taken a huge detour The article did not necessarily insinuate that girls with piercings and tattoos were hoes The article implied "most men" thought about sex upon seeing ladies with piercings,tattoos as against about taking them home to mama.

Has anyone disputed this? I will prolly be booed by chicks for my opinion on all of these. I am a liberal-conservative, I like the tease, but I like it minimally. All of that tat all over the place, rings dangling from dangerous parts of the body, a massive no-no when overdone. I dont want to see your butt crack, wackest form of doing shakara ever, something that even an omo-alata will do and she will get told off by her fellow local chicks. Cleavage, uhm, that is diceybut like Tools has said, be creative about it, feed the boobies to me a little at a time.

I totally agree with most of d things you've said but how can u call 3 piercings promiscous and lay then wat would u say about 10,I think one is cliche 2 is boring and 3 is sexy and having is just trying to hard to be slutty. Uuuummmm Really! I don't see the fuss about having a piercing, or a tattoo. I've got a piercing on my belly. Planning on getting a Tatt, and I also wear a waist chain!

Nigerians need to STOP being such bloody hypocrites! I'm sorry maybe I'm not buh I think the mind of an average Nigerian is caved in, and they don't think outside the box.

apologise, but, opinion

Some of U well, prolly most of U openly rebuke those who have tattoos, toe rings, etc etc etc, buh secretly admire them. What's the whole idea? I mean? Just cos a girl has a Tatt, piercing or whatever don't make her a HO!!!!!!! Get Yo minds right joh! Ahn ahn? It come and pain me sef! As for butt cleavage! Use a belt! Boob cleavage. I'm a fan! Uuuummmm What else? Oh yeah! Yer need to appreciate a woman just the way she is. Flaws and all, tatts,piercings and all!

I dont believe itsee hoe's blood everywhere! At the airport. I will now close this forum by stating that a ho is not a skin disease.

So what if i've got a pussy piercing? What's that ish? Don't judge a book by its cover? Lemme close it! Ho's are people and need love too!

topic has mixed

And YES!!! I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it really irks me to think that such trivial matters are used as a yardstick to measure whether a girl is 'good' or not. But death to buttcracks tho, n unsightly cleavage. Ah well- boys will be boys. Girls uve heard it, if u want a man u cld keep, get ur camisoles n tings. Hmm See all dis guys dey disclaim buttcrack ooobut still tell d okada rider not to overtake the babes okada.

I wonder why applebottom jeans still dey sell sha.

I got a TATTOO on my what ?

You are all judged. Wait, am i rambling? I hereby close this comment roll. Watch out for part2. Read the post, liked I always luv Oga tools' posts. First of all, everyone would support what they've got and bitch on those they haven't got. Very few people are actually unbiased about their comment. She probably had some rational explanation for that in her mind and probably called up her friend to tell her of the rude bitch that just told her to pull her pants up.

The butt is one of the least commonly tattooed parts of the body. It is, however, one of the most common for "double dare" tattoo situations, pranks or prank punishments. Butt tattoos are difficult due to the healing process. You do have to sit a bit differently and wear different clothing while the tattoo heals. Mar 14,   Butt cracks. A couple of years back, this seemed to be the order of the day with our women. They blamed it on those low rise denims even though when I went deeper, I was told by some girls that as much as it started out unconsciously, they realized that it attracted some guys and hence they continued doing it.

That's life for you. My personal opinion, if u think a tat looks fab on you, get one. Waist beads, go ahead. Piercings, your call. Infact if u want to look like ayamatanga, feel free mehn!

This life is too damn short. The moment you start ripping off ur ish cos Mr A did not like would be the beginning of unhappiness lol! I'm a serious believer in everyone expressing themselves the best way they can. You are NOT living for me so why should you care what the fuck I think?

Ass crack tattoos

PS: somebody married Travis Baker innit? Express yourself. A like mind is out there somewhere. Seriously creative butt tattoos designs. If you are a serious tattoo wearer like her, then creative ass tattoos designs like this can be a nice idea for you.

Your name butt tattoos. Tattoo done at Portland tattoo expo, butt tattoos really rock.

pity, that

Look at me kick ass tattoos designs. Under butt is a very favorable place for getting lettering kick ass tattoos designs. Wild child under butt tattoos designs for women.

final, sorry

Lingerie butt tattoos for women. Women who want a creative and feminine tattoo, this kind of bow under butt tattoo is perfect.

agree, this brilliant

Calligraphy under butt tattoos designs for girls. Beautiful and hilarious butt tattoos for women. She got inked very many beautiful tattoo designs. Colorful and kick ass bum tattoos for women.

She got rose, water and koi fish in her beautiful and creative kick ass tattoos. Creative bum tattoos designs. She got a beautiful back piece covering her booty and under butt area. Floral butt tattoos designs for women.

Beautiful and creative butt tattoos for women, who are serious tattoo wearers. Beautiful tribal butt tattoos for men. Tribal patterns for serious tattoo bearers. If you want to pay tribute to your tribal ancestor, then wear this creative tribal patter on your butt and thigh. Sleeve bum tattoos Designs for men.

You can enlarge your leg sleeve by including the butt! Artist can do a lot of good and creative designs with a round arealike these swirls, for example.

Looks really wonderful! There are a few males who are courageous enough to get their bum tattooed. Slut butt tattoos for girls. Look very hilarious, if you want a hilarious tattoo on your butt. Kick ass rose butt tattoos designs. Cheryl Cole, famous singer and dancer feel proud of her roses tattoo on her bum. Colorful butt tattoos. She got beautifully colored ink booty pieces.

Her kick ass tattoo design has bunch of red roses. Peacock booty tattoos for girls. Peacocks are usually done in large sizes, in order to enlarge peacock back piece booty area can be used. Tattoo by Nicola Oldenhof. Hilarious under butt tattoos designs for girls.

about will tell?

Bow Under butt tattoos for girls. Her bows are beautiful tattooed with lovely quotes Live fast. Die pretty. Batman butt tattoos designs.

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