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4 Hilltop Lodges You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Out When You Travel To Kathmandu

For many, stepping off a plane into Kathmandu is a pupil-dilating experience, a riot of sights, sounds and smells that can quickly lead to sensory overload. If you want to stay out of the busted city street and surround yourselves with natural and serenity, there is a place you can go and stay on top of the hill. Guarantee to make your exploration of the ‘real Nepal’ a worthwhile surprise!

Balthali is a paradisiacal valley nestled amid forested hills, its floor coated with golf-course-green rice paddies whose swirling contours form a work of art. The village of the same name has no centre, being strung out along the road and elsewhere. The misty mornings here are a particular delight, their peace broken only by the crowing of roosters far and wide. This is a largely undiscovered destination. You’ll feel like you have gone back 50 years.

4. Balthali Eco Hill Resort

For traveler with lower budget Balthali Eco Hill Resort is an ideal place to stay. Located 42 km away from Kathmandu, the property is facilitated with it own cafeteria and you can also order packed lunches from the local village. A number of activities are offered in the area, such as cycling and tennis and barbecue picnic on the hill.

3. Panauti Homestay

7 km from Balthali, for those who wants to experience local lifestyle can choose to stay in Panauti Homestay. In this supramundane village, within the zone of 120-yard radius, only a rooftop can help you take in everything at a glance. At an elevation of around 1600 meters, you will feel like on a boundless plateau. Panauti totally defined the beauty of green in Nepal, not only because of the pleasant scenery, but also the unsophisticated folk humaneness of the locals.

2. Balthali Village Resort

Just downhill from the Balthali Mountain Resort, and owned by the same family, this property was the first lodge in Balthali. There is a variety of rooms, some newer than others, and a nice communal dining area. Balconies offer superb views of the valley and mountains. If you want to add some outdoor adventure to your stay, there are some array of activities can also be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, including cycling and hiking.

1. Balthali Mountain Resort

Ranked as the Top Choice Resort by LonelyPlanet, Balthali Mountain Resort is beautifully perched on a hilltop, the tin-roofed red-brick cottages here are deceptively simple but perfectly suited for tired trekkers, with comfy beds and tubs. Two viewing decks, one with 360-degree views, are a great place to take your drink from the bar. The great surprise is the outstanding food; try the special Balthali bread. You’re likely to encounter bands of trekkers on weekends, in which case it is important to appreciate late-night karaoke and Nepali folk songs.

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