Balthali Mountain Resort is designed to preserve the traditional and local architectures. Our rooms are fully wooden furnished, well equipped with all modern day facilities that will suit any type of travelers.


Whether raising a toast to precious time together as the sun sets effortlessly over the mountains, or unwinding in the starlight with a spa treatment, connect with each other and the world around you, as our inspiring resort provides you an unforgettable holiday experiences.


Taste all the richness of Nepal's multi-cultural heritage in Balthali Mountain Restaurant’s succulent Nepali cuisine. Traditional dishes, such as Dhal bhat, get a subtle contemporary and local twist. Sip a sublime fruity cocktail on our welcoming wraparound veranda, a taste as uplifting as the stunning mountain views.

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At Balthali Mountain Resort, enriching experiences are the essence of everyday life. Inspiring spaces where every element has been carefully considered so you can lead the lifestyle you deserve, a dedicated team welcomes you home and looks after everything while you’re away.

Intelligent Design

Our accommodations are benefitting from more intelligent design, helping guests be more efficient and productive. We have always put a special emphasis on the sleep experience to ensure your attendees get a good rest.

Inspiring Experiences

Every Balthali Mountain Resort itinerary is customized and made to order – filled with unique local experiences and exciting group adventures exclusive to our destinations.

5-stars Services

Service has always been the key Balthali Mountain Resort differentiator in the hospitality industry. Our dedication to service is evident in every staff member, from event planners to housekeepers.

Authentic Local Dining

Balthali Mountain Resort is famous for great food. Naturally we offer that same expertise for groups, always serving up restaurant-quality experiences. Our chefs reflect the local culture and cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients. We customize the menu for each client’s needs and budget.

Remarkable Value

Many event planners are surprised by Balthali Mountain Resort affordability, once they see the big picture. The strength of our on-site Conference Services team means you don’t need as many of your own people on the ground.

Desireable Destination

Our properties are strategically located in the world’s most desirable destination - on top of Balthali mountains, and we design architecture that pays respect to nature as well as the local culture. You will enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience of each destination.


Combining the best of our service and outstanding amenities, discover just how effortless life can be, when you live it with us. Just hear what others say about us.


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